Putlocker on the Forefront: The Online Pirates of the Entertainment Industry

According to Fox News, in a three month period, a major DVD rental service lost 800,000 subscribers because digital streaming services like Hulu and Netflix provide the superior service when it comes to delivering video content. Many customers are following suit. There are also more and more “cord cutters” when it comes to cable TV. On a related note, putlockers movie 2016 is a file host service that streams digital video content. Services like Put Locker and Netflix are driving the video rental stores out of business because of their superior convenience. However, Put Locker is a different story to Netflix because it’s more comparable to the likes of the defunct Mega Upload service of Kim Dotcom. Disk media has become obsolete from within a decade. VHS survived longer.

The Future Is Now and It’s All About Streami

1. Watching TV with the remote or plopping down a newly rented VHS tape used to be the epitome of convenience. It was an improvement to going to the theater to watch movies or being forced to get up your chair to change the channel. However, as the sands of time continue flowing, so too does the ongoing march of technology. We’ve found a way to make watching TV and movies even more convenient than ever before.

2. Thanks to the Internet and streaming, you don’t need to watch until evening to watch your favorite series. You don’t even have to wait every week to catch it on TV or wait for the right season for the reruns. Instead, there’s now such a thing as on-demand viewing. Thanks to DVD, binge-watching your favorite shows became a thing. You can also search and watch any movies you’ve watched through streaming sites.

3. Granted, many of these sites do get taken down by DMCA takedown requests, but like mushrooms, they keep popping out faster than you can get rid of them. What’s more, many of these streaming sites are free. Even pay sites like Netflix are much cheaper than renting out DVDs or buying an entire Blu-Ray collection. Also, even if the MPAA gets its way and Put Locker is put down for good, another replacement Put Locker is sure to take its place in the future.


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